Wednesday, July 30, 2008



Okay, so it really wasn't as bad as that, but it really frightened me. Sissy and I were in the garage taking care of laundry when suddenly there was a loud noise that sounded like a truck plowing into our garage door, but the sound kept going so I thought it was the wind (the Santa Ana's can give quite a beating to our garage door), then I remembered it wasn't a windy day (this is all within a couple seconds). Sissy looked at me, terrified, "The ground is shaking!" she said. I realized it wasn't stopping so I picked her up and opened the door, looking into our backyard (our garage isn't attached to our home- our mini backyard is between the two), noticing the sliding glass door leading into the kitchen shaking. I was trying to decide if I should go inside or stay where I was when the shaking subsided. If it hadn't been Brad's day off and I knew he was upstairs with Missy and LittleMan, I definitely would have ran inside to help the other kidlets.
So in I ran, hollering up the stairs, "Are you all ok?" Brad was coming down the stairs holding Missy's hand and carrying LittleMan. He said that he had been giving Missy a hug (she had been having a grumpy morning) and simultaneously trying to give Little Man his paci as he had just woke up in his bassinet. So he didn't feel it as it first hit, but then Missy started looking at him, trying to figure out what was going on and he noticed LittleMan's bouncer bouncing away.
We didn't have any damage here.  A friend who lives nearby had her mirror fall and make a big mess. I'm glad it wasn't worse...
We went to the San Diego Zoo a couple weeks back. Here are the girls petting a goat.
I mostly hung out at the First Aid Station nursing LittleMan, but when I did walk around I used this carrier and it was great! It was made by Clemen of Oh My Mommy Clementine. Her carriers are well-made and reasonably priced. Check out her store; she has more than just carriers there! :)
Brad has a friend at work whose daughter is just a size larger than Missy.  So, she will sometimes send clothes home with him.  The girls decided to dress up in the clothes as he pulled each one out of the bag, regardless if it was supposed to "go together" or not...
And, because I'm that kind of Mom ;), I let Missy wear those big Winter boots around for the next few days. She kept telling me the faux fur around the top of the boot was bear fur... Sissy is wearing some ballet toe shoes in the pic, but there was also another pair of light pink Winter boots that she wore around everywhere also. I was worried that they were going to request to wear them to church. The Dr.'s office is one thing, church is a whole 'nother thing... :)
Oh, by the way, the blood draw went as well as could be expected.  My only mistake was not bringing water bottles with us, it is Summer after all. Shortly after checking in and sitting down to wait our turn, Missy decided she was thirsty and needed a drink. I asked her to wait until we got home. Then the receptionist called me to the window to copy her insurance card. As I was waiting there a woman drinking from a water bottle came in and sat a seat away from Missy. I glanced over there and saw Missy giving the woman this look that said, "How can you sit there drinking water and NOT SHARE WITH ME!?!?" The woman noticed Missy right about the same time I did. I thought Missy was going to try to take the bottle right out of her hand, so I quickly ran over there and had Missy come stand by me. So, I learned my lesson: always carry a water bottle with me in the Summer. :)

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kim* said...

yeah earthquakes are scary for girls way more than guys. its scary when you are alone or you have kids around.

Greg and Lisa said...

I was so happy to see that comment from you ! Darling family! 3 kids, wow! And it seems we were just at uvp stressing over keeping Dr. Slingerland happy! That was so fun looking back! You were always one of my favs! Keep in touch! Lis

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