Sunday, February 27, 2011

Moving It Monday

This past week has been a good one.  I was able to get 24.5 miles ran over 4 days.  I also did my dumbbell workout twice.  A few weeks ago someone asked what workout I've been doing.  It can be found here.  But, I just realized that the images of how to do each exercise aren't included.  Hopefully it may be of use to someone anyway.

I had been looking for a way to track my outdoor runs.  I usually just run through the neighborhood when I run outside and I completely lost track of my route to record it on dailymile when I got back.  I started looking into GPS devices that would allow me to track as I ran.  I eventually came to the conclusion that, because my cell phone contract was ready to renew, it was more cost effective to upgrade my phone to one that would allow me to have a GPS app on it.

So, this past week I began using CardioTrainer to track my runs.  I'm also using their weight loss program.
Seeing the results as it is laid out (see #4 above) really has helped me this past week.  I love this app!

I also love Calorific, the food-tracking companion to CardioTrainer's Weight Loss.  

I like that it helps me track my calories in an easy-to-use way.  It does not rely on precise measurements, which has always been my calorie-counting downfall in the past.  I know calorie counting works; it's just always felt too time consuming.

And, the results this week are in: 144.8#  - that's a 1.4# weight loss.  I'm beyond thrilled.  Now, I just have to avoid the Girl Scouts this week...

Actually, I don't avoid them.  I do let myself have a treat here and there.  The trick is to just not overindulge.  Huh, easier said than done, right?  My opinion is that it just takes willpower.  Your desire to eat healthy has to be greater than your desire for a Thin Mint.  Even then, it isn't easy to walk away.  We just have to keep trying, never give up.

And always enjoy the run!  (or ride, however you want to look at it...)

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Michelle said...

Awesome, congrats on the weight loss! I LOVE the apps you're using, I can't wait to get a phone where I can actually USE those apps! :) They make life so much easier, and it's really awesome to be able to track your fitness goals. It really puts it in your face and makes it all "real," doesn't it? I think it's amazing. I hope you have an awesome week ahead of you! :)

Marie said...

Awesome job on the weight loss! I have an iphone and love tracking my runs! It has been a real motivator for me and I stress less when I come home. I am hoping to upgrade to the iphone 4 this summer so I can use my Nike+ to track my runs. Have a great week!

Casey@LoveWhatIs said...

Thanks for the links to the great apps! I haven't heard of most of them, but they look really useful. Also, I think I'm going to print this statement off and paste it all over my house: "Your desire to eat healthy has to be greater than your desire for a Thin Mint. " :-)

Owen's Mom said...

Great job! You are doing a great job with your plan and will be checking out your weight plan.

Keep up all the hard work. Looks like you are successfully keeping active and maintaining a healthy weight. Congrats on that success.

Katie said...

Isn't technology wonderful? Congratulations on your loss this week!

lorrie said...

thanks for the compliment, i like the outfit too and with the new sports bra i can finally workout without constantly moving my straps up and readjusting.

thanks for recommending the new site im going to check it out i love dailymile too. your doing awesome with the milage

smallworldbiggirl said...

You're a much stronger woman than I. Those Samoas have such a hold on me. Oh, and the samoa ice cream? I die! I'm glad you have the will power.
Duh, I never even thought to look for phone apps! Thanks for the heads up!

DaenelT said...

Great job on the runs. I'm digging all the apps out there that help with tracking weight, calories, exercise, etc. Simply amazing and eye opening.

kia said...

Do you use an armband with your phone on your runs? I still cannot find a good solution to running with my iPhone so don't track.

Great job on the 24.5 miles in 4 days and the weight loss. Keep it up. And keep up the posting - I find what you are doing inspiring.

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