Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Announcing the winner...

...of the Scentsy Giveaway.

I let Random.org do the choosing and it gave me: 43

Jennifer said...
mums and merigolds is awesome, as is newborn nursery and wishing well... and I really like the nature's haven warmer... can you tell I've already done scentsy? lol.
Jenn w
MARCH 30, 2011 11:19 AM

So, Congrats to Jenn W.!  I loved doing this giveaway.  I'm going to continue a monthly giveaway, but it will be from my list of e-newsletter subscribers.  So, if you haven't already, head over to my Scentsy site and sign up to receive my monthly e-newsletter.

Also, Easter is fast approaching.  Scentsy has a collection of very cute and cuddly toy animals, Scentsy Buddies.  You can add pleasant Scent Pak's to the Buddy to make playing with it a fun experience.

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