Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Book Review & Giveaway: (dis)Abilities and the Gospel

I was so excited to have the opportunity to read and review (dis)Abilities and the Gospel: How to Bring People with Special Needs Closer to Christ.  It was written by Danyelle Ferguson and Lynn Parsons, M.S.

Each day, parents and church leaders struggle to teach individuals with special needs. Using helpful information, real-life stories, and a touch of humor, (dis)Abilities and the Gospel provides ways for you to effectively teach people of all ages with autism, Down syndrome, bipolar disorder, memory loss, and other disabilities.Inside this useful guide, you’ll find
• Guidance for building strong family relationships• Steps to teaching prayer and scripture study• Practical and creative teaching tips• Programs to help with transitions, communication barriers, and behaviors• Techniques to help others feel welcome and valued
Find the answers you need and overcome the challenges of teaching the gospel. (dis)Abilities and the Gospel will help you develop each person’s ability to learn and grow as you build peace in your home or classroom.

First off, I loved this book.  It's just what I needed to read at this time.

Missy wasn't diagnosed with autism until she was 5 years old.  At that time we were attending a Deaf Branch of the LDS Church.  She was one of usually 4 kids.  It was easy for her to get the one-on-one help we knew she needed.  Her teachers had experience with children with special needs.

The next year we decided to begin attending the Hearing Ward in our area.  No one else in the Ward knows sign language so I've been Missy's one-on-one helper.  Even though she is my own daughter, there is still so much for me to learn.

This book is great to help you help those you have a responsibility for no matter if you're the parent or the teacher.  Or both, in my case.

Starting with the youngest and continuing on up, Danyelle and Lynn give concrete ways to help children, and eventually adults, learn more about Christ and the gospel whatever their abilities.  The LDS Church runs on volunteer help.  The person teaching may be a plumber, a lawyer, an accountant, etc in their "day" job.  They may have no experience whatsoever in dealing with Special Needs.  This book is written in such a way that anyone can understand and benefit.

While the book deals with the LDS Church specifically, I feel that it could be used within any denomination that has children and adults with Special Needs within their congregation.

I highly recommend reading this book even if you don't spend time with Special Needs Adults and Children.  The ideas taught will help increase understanding and patience for all of God's children, no matter their (dis)Abilities.

This book can be purchased at:

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The book was provided to me for review by the authors.  My opinion was not influenced by this fact and I received no compensation.

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Michelle said...

Special needs.. is such an important area for everyone to know more about.
Great post. xx

Travis B. said...

Thanks for posting a review of this book, it is one that I want to look into.

I was a special needs child to a degree myself (with physical disabilities). And, with health issues (and resulting immune issues), and also gradually increasing visual impairment, I am increasingly having special needs as an adult. I am therefore very interested in this.

I believe more in the church need to understand how to be inclusive of those with special needs, especially children. Often when we can't participate like the others, we feel left out and in reality the social connections with the Saints are an important part of one's Christ-centered life. I hope this book will help others start to understand these things.

I look forward to reading it soon.

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Thank you so much for your review, Jessica! I'm so glad you enjoyed the book and found the info helpful. Thank you for being a part of the blog tour!

Sheila said...

I have two sons with special needs (Austism for one and my oldest has Austism and a myriad of other ones. thanks!

Darcy said...

Your amazing Jessica.

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