Monday, December 26, 2011

Moving It Monday

Jay Jacobs has inspired me to start (or at least TRY!) to be better about recording this healthy-living journey I'm on.  He's posting a weekly pic of his weight on facebook.  

I posted mine this morning on facebook and now here it is again:
I'm up one pound from last week.  I did good with my exercising, but I splurged on sweets and sodium-rich meat on Christmas so I'm not too surprised.  As I go back to a regular diet this week I hope to bring that down.
Here's my routine for the next 7 weeks: Jillian Michael's Ultimate Dumbbell Program 4x/week and 2 runs.  As a runner, that is hard for me to do.  I'm hoping the strength training will help me burn up some of this fat I'm looking to rid myself of and once the 8 week program is up, I'll be stronger, fitter, and less prone to running injuries.  About that time is when I'll need to start my marathon training so it should work perfectly, right?

I'll sign off with my latest ASTRTOTD (Awesome Song To Run To of the Day).  Enjoy!


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